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The concept of Austin bedding  NaturalHealthy
Austin deals in bedding industry since the 49th year of the Republic of China(1690), early it just one small cotton-wadded quilt shop “ LIAN FA BEDQUILT STORE ”,then is “ JING TOONG ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD ” which passed the ISO9001 quality authentication, and now is “ AUSTIN LIFE ENTERPRISE CORPORATION ” which is absorbed in the brand marketing. All the way, AUSTIN introduce the purely natural material, which is pollution-free, environment-friendly and refusing the chemical fiber, hope to let consumers really enjoy a high-quality sleep environment.

The sleep is one of the key elements of the health, and the sleep has been probably taken the time of 1/3 in all one's life, it could be said the foundation of health.With the improvement of the quality of the life, consumer's demand for the bedding, besides basic demand such as being cold-proof, beautiful, comfortable, the health demand will be undoubtedly consumer's primary testing amount. Ideal sleep environment, besides suitable luminance and proper temperature and humidity, the good bedding is the most important. Austin’s design goal that pursue all the time is how assign sleep environment of health, , Austin hopes to bring a healthy living environment to consumers, it just accords with the health concept that the exertion of the bedding must be ventilative, All the way Austin offers health beddings which made of natural material to consumers.
Influence caused by external environmental pollution, such as the insecticide is used excessively, indoor paint decoration, bacterium invade and infect, smoke etc., indoor air quality endangers the kind and thickness of the material, unexpectedly is several times as much as outdoor air quality, and, because the time indoors of common people accounts for 90%, indoor air quality has already been generally paid attention to by consumers. Fortunately the development of science and technology, it is diligent that the textile industry of Taiwan goes through several years, the successful one is sloughed off and turned into a new developing Hi-Tech industry by the traditional transformation of industries, the function fibers of different novel process technologies and functional fabrics grow vigorously like the mushrooms after rain, for meet consumer health demand in bedding, Austin successful introduce several beddings which contain different health care function.Austin will develop the healthy and comfortable quality product constantly, and introduce the natural, healthy beddings to consumers through distributor, the department store and straight camps shop of the whole province.
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